Sephora PLAY!

Sephora Play: February 2017

sephora play.jpg

Finally! My box for February was lost in the abyss for a while! I know that it is a bit late, I’m sure they have already charged me for March’s box, but that’s okay right?!?! RIGHT!

I am in love with subscriptions boxes! They are like little presents every month. I have honestly found some really good products they I might not have tried other wise. Anywho, if you are familiar with Sephora PLAY!, it is $10 a month. You get 5 deluxe samples and a perfume of the month! Some people hate fragrance samples, but i LOVE them. I like to try out different scents and this always brings something new to my door.

First, I want to take a moment to appreciate how cute the bag is this month! I am starting to have quite the collection but this one is right on trend. It is nice silky material and it the perfect blush color! Its really fitting into my current aesthetic. lols.

Carrying on! I feel a little torn about my opinions. I was hella excited about the Clinique Pep-start blurring moisturizer! I have been wanting to try this for a while now! Maybe it will make it into a favorites! I am also pumped to try the Origins GinZing eye cream. Eye Cream samples last longer than any other samples I get. Basically, I never have to buy a eye cream.

The rest of the bag I could really take or leave. I will of course test them out. I mean, could Tarte make a cuter packaging?

Did anyone get anything different this month? Tell me about it below!



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