Anti- Haul: Things I am not going to buy

anti haul


This weekend I was watching a new video by JAMBeauty89 aka Jessica Braun about things she isn’t going to buy.  As an on again, off again blogger and full time beauty obsessed woman, I was inspired!
It seems that there are always new products hitting the shelves! While some of those may be good, there are many that are often over-hyped. And for some one with a lot of makeup, sometimes you just have to pass. So, today, I am going to share a few that I’m just not going to buy.
  1. Kat von D Pastel Goth Palette: While I know this will be a good quality product, I know that it would never get the use it would deserve.
  2. Lancome La Rose Blusher: Just impractical.  I think that it looks nice but, again, It might just be to pretty to use!
  3. Tom Ford Beauty Cream and Eye Color: Way over priced for what it is!
  4. Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette: I think that for a beginner this would be great! It has a lot of great colors but I don’t think that it is different enough for me to spend the money.
  5. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prismatic Amethyst: I have several of the other colors but this one just doesn’t sell me.

I think that these products are gorgeous. I don’t in any way think they are bad products, however, I think for the price, they just aren’t worth it for me. What new products just aren’t doing it for you?

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